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Some members of Maute Group send surrender feelers


  • The AFP said some members of the Maute Group sent surrender feelers
  • A military spokesman said they hope to see surrenders within the next days
  • President Duterte earlier rejected the proposal to allow the terrorists to safely leave the city in exchange for the release of hostages

Some of the remnants of the Maute Group still holed up in the besieged Marawi City sent surrender feelers after almost four months of fighting. 

As mentioned in a Reuters story dated September 11, 2017, the Armed Forces of the Philippines claimed that some members of the local terrorist group are willing to surrender as government troops continue their assault against the ISIS-linked group.

Using loudspeakers, the military urged the remaining Maute fighters to surrender and told them their lives would be spared if they lay down their arms, change out of their black uniforms and proceed to a designated place.

Joint Task Force Ranao spokesman Col. Romeo Brawner said the military hopes to have surrenders within the next few days.

“Hopefully, we will have surrenders within the next days,” Col. Brawner said; adding “There are feelers. Definitely, there are feelers.”

Earlier, President Rodrigo Duterte rejected the offer of the leader of the Maute group to allow them to safely leave the city in exchange for the hostages’ freedom.

The President said the only way for the terrorists to come out from the city alive is for them to surrender. 

Source : ReutersInterAksyonUSNews

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